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Estate Administration

Estate Administration is designed to complete the transfer of a person’s property at death. The probate process includes property and items that are owned by a person at death. People try to avoid probate to escape the fees. There are 3 primary ways to avoid probate:

1)   Joint ownership with the right of survivorship,

2)   Gifts

3)   Revocable trusts.

What Happens in Probate in Upland and Los Angeles California?

The court-supervised process probate; may be contested or uncontested. Contested issues arise in the process because a  someone seeking a larger share of the decedent’s property than actually received. Arguments for challenges include:

improperly influenced gifts, the person who died had insufficient mental capacity at the time the will was executed, or the necessary legal formalities in creating the will were improper drafting his or her will.

•  Rights to income, dividends, etc.;

•  Collect all probate property of the decedent;

•  Settling any disputes that may arise;

•  Paying  claims, debts,and taxes owed by the estate;

•  Transferring any remaining property to the heirs.

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