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Don’t be labelled for life: Get the best legal defense for Sex Crimes

Our societal climate is exceedingly sensitive to allegations of sexual transgression. Few areas of criminal law are as highly charged or prejudicial.

Anyone can be accused of a sexual offense—even an innocuous exchange can result in criminal charges when a decidedly suspicious public pressures the legal justice system to act.

The consequences of false allegations exact an enormous toll on the accused’s family, finances and freedom. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, even in the best case scenario, your good name and prospects are at stake. Merely being under investigation for this type of crime, your life will possibly never be the same.

Don’t become a victim to the court of public opinion. Hire the ESTELLE & KENNEDY, A Professional Law Corporation to defend your rights. Our team has effectively defended clients charged with sex crimes including Indecent Exposure, Lewd/Lascivious Conduct, Molestation, Obscenity, Pornography, Prostitution, Sexual Abuse, Assault, Harassment, Rape or Statutory Rape, and even charges of crimes involving minors.

These crimes are generally prosecuted to the maximum degree. When you’re under investigation for a sex crime, you face serious risks and the toughest potential consequences including a maximum sentences required by law. This is not the time to take your chances.

Our clients benefit from the ESTELLE & KENNEDY, A Professional Law Corporation defense team’s broad ranging expertise.  Your legal team will be just that—a team of experts, lawyers, and support staff with 20+ years of experience to respond to your needs and help you avoid a conviction. We have earned our reputation for uncompromising defense of our clients’ rights. Let it work for you.