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ESTELLE & KENNEDY, A Professional Law Corporation strongly advises clients to form living trusts. A living trusts can serve to benefit the client by effectively transferring substantially all property into the living trust during the life of the settlor. Further, at death, the living trusts will eliminate automatic court supervision concerning the distribution of assets. In other words, a living trusts can provide the settlor with the tools to control his/her estate. A properly formed trust will also provide details as to how assets, and the income earned by the trust, are to be distributed after death.  If the client becomes disabled or incapacitated, the trust is in place and makes provision to manage the financial affairs of the settlor and to name a successor trustee to carryout the settlor’s intent.

ESTELLE & KENNEDY, A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION will prepare the living trust portfolio to effectively serve as a tool to manage the client’s property before and after death. ESTELLE & KENNEDY, A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION will also provide experienced trust attorneys who are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of clients interested in protecting their assets through a living trustA-B trustspend thrift trust or special needs trust.