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Man Killed By Car In Fight At Gas Station

On March 1, 2015, a man was killed at a gas station while trying to flee from a fight. Apparently, a man and woman stopped to get gas in the 100 block of West Highland Avenue. Two men approached the man, calling him by his street name. When he got in the car to leave, the attackers forced their way into the vehicle and struck both the man and the woman that he was with.

The victim put the car in reverse before closing the driver’s side door. He fell out of the vehicle while it was moving, and got trapped between the car and several steel posts. The man died at the scene and the attackers fled. The woman was taken to St. Bernardine’s Hospital for treatment,and she was later released.

Police do not believe that this attack was gang-related, but they are unsure of the motive for this attack. In this case, it seems like the attackers meant to harm the man and woman, but not necessarily kill him. As a result, their charge will be must less than if they had planned to murder the man. However, fleeing the scene is never a good idea, regardless of the attacker’s intentions.

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Source: https://ktla.com/2015/03/01/man-dies-in-car-crash-while-trying-to-flee-from-altercation-at-san-bernardino-gas-station/