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Labor Day Weekend DUI’s

Various southern California Police Department Traffic Enforcement Units, will be conducting Labor Day Weekend Sobriety/Driver License Checkpoints, and the California Highway Patrol will be on high alert this weekend regarding the same.

Given that the Labor Day 3-day weekend is coming up, special DUI task forces will be patroling the roads and higways, looking for impaired drivers throughout this holiday weekend. These task forces will saturate many areas with police officers locally and will pull anyone over that commits any minor traffic violation, in hopes of making an arrest. They will pull anyone over that they suspect may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs / any controlled subtance. They will put drivers through field sobriety tests, breath tests, and even blood tests if they decide that they have enough probably cause during the traffice stop to take that driver down to the police station.

Driving while under the influence is also an actionable claim if you are driving a boat. For example, if you are at the lake and on a boat or other water vessel, you can get arrested for driving a boat, or operating a water vessel and drinking. The DUI will apply to the person who is driving the boat, and you can get a Boating DUI, and is called Operating under the Influence (OUI) while boating.

If you get arrested for a DUI or OUI, you must be charged be released within 48 hours. Know your rights. If you need a lawyer, call Estelle & Kennedy, A Professional Law Corporation right away.